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Why You Should Hurry-up and Watch FRINGE Already…

Why? ‘Cause it’s Cool as F*ck that is why.

Stop falling into the trap that it’s a poor X-Files rip-off, Fringe shares many elements of that show in particular but also borrows from great buddy and cop shows in general. The cast is outstanding, the stories always rewarding, and FRINGE like the best Sci-Fi series tries it best to reach past the gobbledygook of tech-speak, fantastic, often unreal situations and grabs you where you really watch Television, your heart and your balls.

That old excuse of “But it’s been on for 3 seasons! How can I ever catch up!?” Guess what? I started watching FRINGE deep into it’s season season by catching it free online, and renting it from Netflix and Blockbuster. The best part of the rental, no commercials. This deep immersion helped me understand the characters, plot and situations better and I was completely caught up with the show in a matter of days.

Need more help? Here you go!

First Ten Episodes of the show. >

Also for your listening pleasure, a preview of my next podcast intro, my Impersonation of Walter Bishop!



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