Shine-Box Industries

Go home and get your fuckin' shine box.

I have been slackin’ off….

And those chickens have come home to roost.

“Wait?” you ask, “What chickens? There where chickens? Who’s chickens, roosting here be?”

Well you ask a lot of questions, Interwebs, you are a tiny bit nosey, no? And yet here are the answers.

I started this thing to be a kinda, humor, State-of-My-State-of-Mind-type, loosey-goosey, happy-go-lucky-fun-time, thing. It was never supposed to have a purpose other than to entertain me. Ya know?

Except, that the two times I have done it, it kinda gave me a good feeling, an over all, this-isn’t-bad-I-should-do-more-of-this, kinda feeling. I tend to run away from anything that makes me feel good about myself, on account of my growing up a poor geek Dominican child in the wild 1970’s-80’s Brooklyn, BUT ENOUGH OF MY SELF CONTEMPT!

Here tis! My soul lay’d bare! that’s right I typed lay’d on purpose! Six Pod casts in Three weeks! Starting this Sat. the 7th, I will plug in and record 2 Pod casts by the next Sunday, and oh, they will be RICH.

I will have guests. I will say things. I will play music and you will be ENTERTAINED.

Can you dig it?

I thought you could.

More later…

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