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X-Men First Class: The Best X-Men Movie Ever….

That title says it all. A far-cry from what I was calling this movie when I first heard of it. Even when critics started shouting this film’s action-y greatness, I was more than surprised and although, some might disagree with me, thinking that first or the second were better paced or executed. They would be wrong and of course the third is right out.

Now I am not a critic, I am more than that. I am a comics fan, well versed in X-Men lore, something that let’s me get to the bottom of this particular Summer confection as no other. That being said, this movie is the Atomic Blockbuster of X-Men movies.

A perfect Super-hero movie where the caution of skipping around the unbelievability of super-powers, is thrown to the wind. Much in the way that Japanese Anime treats the genre, with no excuses or cheap smirks or asides. Like the Grandfather of the these films Superman: The Movie it calls out to the audience, IN THIS WORLD SUPER POWERS EXIST, BELIEVE IT and from the first few emotional frames, of X-Men: First Class we do.

This Super-Hero movie is soaked in emotions. Fear, love, hate, anger, vengeance, the human need to just belong, it is all there and bared raw. Michael Fassbender is a thrill as a pre-Magento, ‘James Bond’ like mutant Nazi Hunter Erik Lahnsherr, globe-trotting on the trail of a master villain, dastardly played by Kevin Bacon and his mysterious team of evil mutants. Erik partners up with James McAvoy’s Charles Xavier, to catch him with the help of the CIA and their own team of young mutants culled from both the Movie and Comic Cannon.

I want to push on Matthew Vaughn’s direction and say that he did some wonderful things and some
actor’s did better with it than others. I found McAvoy’s Prof. X to be more human and real than that of Patrick Stewart’s smooth take on the venerable Marvel character, and yet I found Hollywood darling Rose Bryne’s Moira MacTaggart to be out of place, flat and wasted. You Can’t have everything.

X-Men: First Class was well paced, well acted, well storied and worth seeing. Put all the other X-Men movies behind you, the past is prologue, this one is the real thing, with one of the best
cameos in any Marvel Comics Movie, ever. See it now, before next week, it’s a really busy Summer.

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