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Shine-Box Radio International Summer Movie Throw-Down. Part one.

Summer Movies are a Reyes Family staple. We go to alot of them. We are complete geek-wads, as you will hear in our Summer Movie Throw-Down Part One.

About the Podcast it self. I have a new voice over intro and a new official Shine-Box Radio International outro! Crazy! I opine on some movies and such and then my kids kill the levels on this one. It would be best if you listened to it on your computer or with can-head phones not buds like I did. OMG.

But it is funny. If you like annoying teenagers being annoyingly funny.

Give it whirl and don’t forget to comment and pass it on.
Listen to it here.

I push REM’s new album on this one. “Oh, My Heart” is a first single off of it and if you haven’t heard it yet you can hear it here. and you can buy it here.

Also we have a couple of songs from the new ROME album by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi with help from Jack White and Norah Jones. Buy it here.

Okay. More Later.

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