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My Wife reminded me of the most HEINOUS Starbucks story that I have ever witnessed.

And this is it, it pretty heinous.

I was online at a busy Starbucks in NYC, a tall and pretty blonde walks in skipping everyone behind me and asks the attractive brunette in front of me, not ME BTW, the young lady in front of me, if she wouldn’t mind letting her go ahead because her BOYFRIEND was WAITING for her. Yah sister so is my girlfriend, Morgan Fairchild.

The Brunette, who was chopping away at her Blackberry, paused to say NO, (AS IF?! AM I RIGHT?) that her boss was a bear and was already shitting on her for taking too long with his coffee. The Blonde, pouts and starts to look around for a next victim, when the older gentleman in front of the brunette says, I am not shittin’ you;

“Here, get in front of me, a beautiful woman such as YOURSELF, shouldn’t have to wait behind a woman like her.

and then the Tall, pretty young lady was whisked by a man obviously twice her age to the front of the line, where they joked and laughed and giggled and flirted, while the brunette sobbed quietly and my jaw dropped. Now that is one of the shittiest stories I have ever witnessed and I warned you.

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